Sarah McGee

Sarah McGee - Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

As Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Sarah McGee brings to EOS a track record of successful operational, project and administrative leadership. Her organizational skills include finance, vendor relations, hiring, event coordinating, and all infrastructure-related office coordination. She has over 15 years of experience working for a variety of companies, all with an entrepreneurial approach to their niches, from international travel to real estate to pioneering non-profits. She plays a key role in managing EOS’ operations, accounts, marketing initiatives and website, outreach at trade shows and major policy conferences, as well as staffing/HR. Her skills are an ideal match for EOS’ dynamic needs and systems as a growing company.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has completed traditional and on-line marketing courses in the Bay Area.