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EOS Climate is dedicated to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Based in the global innovation hub of San Francisco, EOS Climate is an award-winning pioneer in designing, building and operationalizing market-based approaches to address environmental challenges on a global scale. Combining Systems Thinking with unique, cross-sectoral expertise in markets, standards, policy, quantitative analysis, industrial operations, supply chain, information technology and finance, EOS works with organizations to create value by transforming risk into opportunity.

Our History


Our Team
EOS Climate was founded in 2009 by Jeff Cohen, Todd English and Joe Madden who were MBA classmates at Presidio Graduate School. Their business plan was to leverage carbon markets to incentivize destruction of CFCs (ozone-depleting refrigerants) recovered from older refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and building infrastructure.


The EOS team achieved its early objective by delivering over 5.5 million metric tonnes of verified emissions reductions in the North American GHG markets.

Applying this unique experience enabled the EOS Team to identify broader opportunities to address climate challenges in HFCs, commodity production, waste, and oil & gas. Most recently, EOS was instrumental in the design and launch of Xpansiv.

Our Future

We continue to develop solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable future while creating economic value for our clients.


Jeff Cohen
Sr VP, Science & Policy

As a co-founder and Senior Vice President for Science and Policy, Jeff Cohen is responsible for acceptance of ODS destruction as a greenhouse gas reduction in newly emerging GHG compliance programs. Read more.

Joe Madden

An experienced entrepreneur in the clean economy, Joe co-founded & established EOS Climate as a recognized leader in the North American GHG marketplace — securing best-in-class partnerships ... Read more.

Jason Libersky
Strategic Consultant

With an extensive career as a data scientist, computational physicist, analyst, entrepreneur, and thought leader, Jason excels at big data analytics, finding efficient and novel solutions. Read more.

Alexa Beaver

Alexa is an experienced chemical engineer who brings a unique perspective from her time spent in the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors. Read more.

Jennifer Cohn

As Strategic Accounts Consultant, Jennifer is responsible for working with key clients in monetizing environmental assets as well as managing the company’s carbon credit supply pipeline. Read more.

Todd English
VP Operations

As Co-Founder and VP of Operations, Todd developed and operationalized EOS to become the most efficient and productive carbon offset generator for ODS destruction credits to date. Read more.

Sarah McGee
Director Internal Operations

As the first employee with EOS and Director of Internal Operations, Sarah brings to EOS a proven track record of successful operational, project and administrative leadership. Read more.

Trent Guest
Director of Finance

As Director of Finance, Trent brings a unique ability to translate environmental market measures into traditional accounting and finance structures... Read more.


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